Coral Manta Communication Package

$11.99 per month


Coral Manta 3000 uses cellular communication to communicate with your smartphone and for software updates


You do NOT need to purchase the “Communication Package” when you buy your Coral Manta 3000 as the cellular service is included for the first 12 months.

Toward the end of the first 12 months you will get a notification to renew the “Communication Package” subscription and only then you will need to purchase it.


Cost: $11.99 per month

If you do not want to renew your subscription that is OK too, and then you have 2 options:

  • Use your own personal DATA SIM card : Make sure to notify and coordinate that with our technical support as we need update your system records accordingly (otherwise the service will be disconnected), or
  • Let the system work without SIM – In this case your Coral alarm will continue work and generate the alerts and alarms in the pool and in your home units, but you will not receive notifications to your phone, nor software upgrades.



....CORAL could be the key to saving many lives and what sets it apart from all other pool alarm systems on the market. .....
Today I installed the system, a life-saving ingenious invention! Customer satisfaction is above all for them and the team will do everything to make sure customers are 100% satisfied.

How it works