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Don’t Let Arrogance Take Your Child’s Life

Fact: Almost every day in this country a child dies in a pool.

Every day we see the same unfortunate set of circumstances happening all over the United States. Nice people invest in a lovely home, and in a lovely pool for their family to enjoy. Many spend thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars on their pool, pool equipment, pool floats, and so forth. They spend even more surrounding the pool with beautiful decking, furniture, outdoor kitchens, etc.

But after spending so much on their pool, they spend almost nothing on the one thing that’s truly most important; their family’s safety. In many cases, the reason they don’t is, frankly, one of simple arrogance. Many pool owners believe that “drowning won’t happen in my pool”. They rationalize that, for one thing, they would never let their children swim unattended. Also, when they do swim, “I never take my eyes off of them”. Many think that “nobody will use my pool unless I say it’s OK and I’m here to watch.”


There are, to be sure, many problems with these rationalizations;

  • Children don’t always do what they’re told.
  • Parents can’t be everywhere, watching everything, every second of every day. It’s simply impossible.
  • Drowning is fast and silent.

The worst part is that it is almost never a matter of inattentiveness;

  • A parent who tended to a young sibling who was crying, while the toddler sister drowned 6 feet away.
  • A toddler who wandered off during a party, opened an unlocked fence, and drowned in the family pool
  • A parent who was 8 feet away having a conversation while their son silently drowned.
  • A 6-year-old girl who snuck away while nobody was looking and drowned 25 feet from a crowd of adults.
  • an 18-month-old who drowned after crawling through a dog door.

And unfortunately – there are hundreds of such unfortunate circumstances happening every year.

Let’s face facts – this is not careless parenting. The parents who lost these children are loving, caring, attentive people who adored their children. They are good people and good parents. But that’s the problem; mistakes happen even to the best parents. And, again, it takes less time for a child to drown than it takes to prepare a bowl of cold cereal.

Taking every precaution does NOT mean you are not attentive enough, or that you are relying on external means to protect your kids.


On the contrary, it means that much like you would use every safety measure to protect your kids in the car, you understand you must do the same when it comes to the #1 cause of death in children in the US – you home swimming pool.

As we have described before – safety is a matter of LAYERS.

  1. Use access preventive measures such as door alarms and pool fences, pool covers or nets.
  2. Make sure your fence & gate are up to code (height, spaces, self-locking, etc.)
  3. Teach your kids to swim.
  4. Install a Coral. It will provide you with the most advance 24/7 in-pool layer of safety, protecting from both unauthorized access to the pool, as well as risk of drowning while the pool is in use.

The Coral Manta 3000 and Coral Shell systems detect actual drowning as it is happening and alert you immediately. The systems stay on 24/7 and their powerful AI works independently of any human interaction. (You never need to turn it on or off.) Also, and most importantly, the systems work while the pool is being used (unlike many that need to be turned off when people are swimming)

In short, the Coral Pool Safety system is as close to actual, human supervision as possible. It’s like an extra set of eyes that never closes, never sleeps, and is always on alert, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Now, be honest, which super-parent wouldn’t want an extra set of eyes keeping their kids safe?


If you have questions about pool safety contact us at: [email protected]