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Coral Detection Systems Wins the London AWARDS.AI 2019 for “Best AI Startup”

Coral Detection Systems is honored to announce that its unique AI based pool drowning detection system has won the prestigious Awards.AI in London.

Coral Detection Systems, one of the most innovative players in the field of water safety technologies, which has developed the world’s first AI-based drowning detection system for residential pools, that provides 24/7 active under-water drowning detection, has been named winner of the Awards.AI “Best AI Startup” category.

Awards.AI is The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence held annually in London.

“Being recognized as the Best AI Startup is not only a testament to the utilization of the latest AI technology, but  also, and maybe mainly, to the enormous impact the Coral Manta makes by using the latest AI technology to save children’s lives,” says Eyal Golan, Co-Founder & CEO. “We have spent over 5 years developing our AI technology,” says Dr. Tamar Avraham, Co-Founder & CTO. “Unlike drowning detection systems for public pools that aid a lifeguard on duty that can tolerate dozens of false alarms per shift, the challenge here is to reach near-perfect detection rates, while hardly generating false alarms. The magnitude of residential pool drowning has grown to be the leading cause of injury related death among kids ages 1 to 4, and the 2nd leading among kids ages 5 to 18, with hundreds dying and thousands severely injured every year. Coral Manta was developed with a single mission – to harness top-of-the-art tech to changing the worldwide pool-drowning statistics and save lives. Being recognized as an AI tech leader is extremely empowering, and we will continue perfecting the system performance and developing additional smart systems spearheading the implementation of advanced technologies to make the world a safer place.”