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Coral Detection Systems Wins “Pool Product of the Year” Award – the 2019 UK Pool & Spa Awards

The Coral Manta 3000 AI Based Pool Safety System, wins the  “Product of the Year” Category ” at the prestigious UK Pool & Spa Awards.

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Coral Detection Systems, one of the most innovative players in the field of pool safety technologies has developed the world’s first AI-based drowning detection system for residential pools. This innovative system which monitors the pool underwater 24/7, tracks all bathers, and alerts when it detects risk of drowning, has won the “Product of the Year” category at the UK Pool & Spa Awards.

“Winning “Pool Product of the Year” at the UK Pool & Spa awards is an amazing achievement and honor”. says Eyal Golan, Co-Founder & CEO. “With the increasing number of residential pool drownings year after year, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to help prevent these tragedies. Being chosen as pool product of the year by industry’s leaders across Europe, brings awareness one step forward”. Company officials indicate that it is also determined to join forces with other pool safety organizations in order to push for changes in regulation and standardization that will require pool builders and pool owners to utilize more advanced safety systems in order to reduce drowning incidents.

“By harnessing the most advanced technologies for pool safety and drowning prevention, we can save hundreds of lives every year, and we expect to create a new safety standard across the industry all over the world” adds Golan.