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Customer tests CORAL MANTA … again

CORAL MANTA 3000 – An Artificial intelligence based drowning detection system for residential pools – tested by customers

Channel 11 (KAN) evening news: Featuring CORAL MANTA 3000 Drowning Detection system


CORAL MANTA 3000 is named after Coral and Or

A touching meeting between Mr. Ilan Sherry, who lost his daughter, Coral, 4 years ago in a drowning accident, and investor of CORAL MANTA , named after Coral,

Yediot Aharonot: “This device can save children’s lives”


Customer demo: First it alerts when you get in, then when it detects risk of drowning

CORAL MANTA 3000 is tested again. First, when someone just enters the pool a short and loud beep will sound. Then, when the person is not moving for a few seconds under the water, the loud and long siren will sound, in the pool unit, in the home unit, and in the phone.  

Adults may be distracted … but not CORAL MANTA

Adults may be distracted … but not CORAL MANTA 3000 …. Customer demonstration of adults on the pool side yet fail to notice a child is sinking and is at risk of drwoning …. Luckly CORAL MANTA 3000 is on the watch …. Posted by CORAL Drowning Detection System for Private Pools on Saturday, August […]

Channel 12 (Keshet) Morning show: Changing the statistics

קורל מנטה 3000 – המערכת היחידה המזהה סכנת טביעה בבריכות פרטיות על בסיס ניתוח וידאו ואינטליגנציה מלאכותית – תוכנית הבוקר של קשת (ערוץ 12) עם גלית גוטמן ויואב לימור CORAL MANTA 3000 featured in the morning news with Galit Gutman and Yoav Limor – Keshet- channel 12 Aug 10, 2018  

Customers put CORAL to test

See customers demonstrating how CORAL MANTA 3000 detects a drowning situation in a residential swimming pool while others are still around as it uses unique artificial intelligence technology to track and detect only people who are at risk of drowning

CORAL MANTA is gearing up for production

CORAL DETECTION SYSTEMS LTD has concluded the development of CORAL MANTA and has just started production of the first batch excepted to sell this summer (2018). We are accepting pre-orders

Fox News: Amazing Drowning Detection system – CORAL MANTA

Gadgets help prevent poolside accidents (@ minute 1:33)