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“If all these years of development and dedication will end up in saving the life of a single child  – then we have accomplished our mission”


On April 2014 Mr. Eyal Golan and Dr. Tamar Avraham started developing an AI / Computer Vision based drowning detection system for residential swimming pools.

The idea to develop such a system came from a personal need, after realizing that fences and pool alarms were important but far from sufficient to provide the layers of protection needed for real pool-safety.
After a thorough and fruitless search for an effective drowning detection system that utilized Computer Vision technology, similar to security and defense surveillance applications, they decided to develop it themselves.

They had 3 major requirements:

  1. It had to be extremely reliable
  2. It had to be a plug & play device (so the customer would not have to rely on services of any technician), and
  3. It had to be affordable.

It was a challenging, sometimes frustrating journey,  but what motivated them was one thing – knowing the novel purpose of such a device and its potential to save children’s lives. Many pool-drowning incidents can be avoided given suitable preventive measures, and they decided to dedicate their time and efforts to changing these awful statistics worldwide.

On June 3, 2014, about two months after Eyal and Tamar began the development, two 11 year-old girls drowned together in a backyard pool in a small town next to Tel Aviv. Their names were Coral and Or, and although there was no personal acquaintance at the time between Tamar & Eyal and the girls, they were so touched by this devastating tragedy, that they decided to honor their memories and name the drowning detection system after the girls.

5 years later, and after two angels invested in the company, not only due to the financial outlook, but mainly because they were intrigued by the honor to be part of a product that could save children’s lives (especially since one of them almost lost his child in a drowning accident years earlier) – the Coral Manta 3000 made its debut (the Manta was added due to the resemblance of the product to the sea creature, Manta Ray).