CORAL MANTA gives you the peace of mind you need when owning a private pool… It is constantly watching and analyzing your pool underwater.


CORAL MANTA is designed to work in a variety of pools, however, its effectiveness is affected by the following factors which you must consider before purchasing:

– Pool shape
– Pool size
– Water clarity
– Lighting

CORAL MANTA was designed to work most efficiently in all standard residential back yard pools. But obviously, more units of can be used to cover larger or non-rectangular shaped pools.


CORAL MANTA requires a direct line-of-sight for the entire pool, and has a maximum view angle of 90° so that it completely covers all rectangular shaped pools. In cases of non-rectangular pools you can always use a second unit, but even a single CORAL MANTA can still function, but with some blind spots as illustrated in the diagram below:




CORAL MANTA uses a single integrated underwater camera. The advantage is simple installation (plug and play), but on the other hand it poses a limitation – the distance it can cover. CORAL MANTA was developed and tested for pools of lengths of about ten to eleven yards. Although size is a restricting factor, pool water that is not clear is a more problematic limitation (see the WATER CLARITY section that follows).

Multiple units can be used to cover pools larger than thirteen yards.


Water clarity is crucial for CORAL MANTA’s operation. If it looks cloudy from the outside then it is surely too cloudy for CORAL MANTA to operate at a satisfactory level. Furthermore, while the pool water may look clear from the outside, it may still be cloudy. The real test would be to get inside the water and using goggles, looking across the pool from one end to the other. If you cannot see the other end, then CORAL MANTA may not see it either.

A well-maintained pool (with pumps and filters operating daily) should have clear water. However, typically, a pool that is maintained just with chlorine tablets will not have the water clarity level needed.

In a well-maintained pool with very clear water, CORAL MANTA may perform well even in a 15 yard long pool, while in a pool that is not well maintained CORAL MANTA may not function well even in pools smaller than 8 yards.


Looks clear from outside
… and looks clear from inside
Looks clear from outside
But looks cloudy from the inside


CORAL MANTA uses an underwater video camera to analyze the underwater scene to detect and track people. Thus, just like human vision, when there is not enough light,  either from an external source (the sun) or from an internal source (e.g. pool lights), or even at far shaded areas, CORAL MANTA’s functionality might be degraded.

At night, CORAL MANTA might use its sensors and illumination to light parts of the pool to assist it “seeing” and track people.  Depending on the external light, the pool size, and water clarify, the integrated light may or may not be enough to cover the entire pool.

CORAL MANTA also requires a sufficient amount of direct sunlight in order to charge its battery using the built-in solar panels. When there is not enough light, CORAL MANTA will notify you that the battery is running out. Then you can plug it in for a few hours to recharge it



Pool covers do not interfere with the ongoing work of CORAL MANTA, however, since CORAL MANTA is mounted to the edge of the pool may not be able to close the pool cover completelys, unless a special clearance is made in the pool cover to close around the tube of your CORAL MANTA.




CORAL MANTA can be used for both above-ground and in-ground pools.

The product is shipped with a base for mounting its pool unit to the edge of an in-ground pool. For above-ground devices, please contact us for more installation options.