Best pool safety system

What’s the best and most effective pool safety device?

Look at the chart below to see what you can except from each type of safety device

Function CORAL MANTA 3000Fence Cover AlarmWrist band
Cost$2,499$5,000 and upCan reach $20,000 and up$200-$400Ranges from $200 to $25,000
Technology Cutting Edge, Artificial IntelligenceLow tech Low TechLow tech.
Using a float
Simple sensor
Detects Drowning (*)
Alerts or prevents access to the pool (only when closed)(only when closed)
Works 24/7 – Does not require to activate/deactivate anything (+)
Does not require wearing special gear / sensors
Works also when kids are in the pool
Generate Alerts / Alarm
No false Alarms(**)
Plug & Play system: No technician needed for installation
Works for accidental falls (unplanned entrance to the pool)
In-home Alarm (***)
Works while cleaning robot works
Controlled by smartphone (***)
Reports water cloudiness / condition
Works for all ages

(*) Wrist bands sense the wrist band but do not track the child. Thus children merely standing with hands in the water for several seconds would generate many false alarms. Moreover, if the band simply falls into the water or worn while taking a bath, the alarm would go off.

(**) Each detection systems may generate some false alarms every once in a while. CORAL MANTA 3000 comes with a lot of “knowledge” out of the box, but each pool is different thus it may generate false alarms every once in a while. But, it continues to “learn” in its new environment and thus the number of false alarms is gradually decreased

(***) Some pool alarms have a home alarm and some do not.
Some pool alarms have smart phone app that controls or monitor them, but most do not

(iv) Wrist bands are designed for toddlers. But, 45% of all drownings are not kids. So unless you plan to demand your 16 year old teenager or 78 year old grandfather to wear a wrist band each time they go swimming, then this solution is irrelevant for many group ages.
Beyond that, it may not fit infants ages 18 months or less

(+) Fences, covers, pool alarms and wrist bands require you to remember to actually perform some action before or after using the pool: open/close the gate or cover, activate / deactivate the pool alarm, wear / take off the wrist bands. CORAL MANTA on the other hand works 24/7 – It does not rely on any humane behavior in order to work and detect drownings



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