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7 Pool Safety Essentials for your Home Pool

Having a pool at your home is a luxury that brings many hours of enjoyment to you, your family and friends. Time spent swimming and relaxing in the pool is time well-spent, made for making memories. laughing and entertaining.

If you love your pool and love your family, friends and neighbors even more, the first thing you need to do is to protect everyone from the possibility of accidental drowning, especially children. Statistically, pools are one of the top 3 causes of death for children under the age of 14, so making sure that never happens at your pool is job #1.

#1- Block Access to the Pool with a Pool Cover or Pool Net

Here’s a fact; nobody has ever drowned because they couldn’t get in a pool, so using a pool cover to block their pool access is a good way to prevent drowning. The typical pool cover is strong enough to support an adult and can’t be lifted out of the way by a child, preventing access completely. Of course, you’ll need to close the pool after every use in order for this method to work, which can be a bit of a chore, and most importantly – watch your kids like a hawk while the pool is in use.


#2- Block Access to the Pool with a Pool Fence

A fence with a locking gate is another way to block access to your pool, especially from smaller children (although older children and teenagers might be able to climb it or figure out how to unlatch it). If you keep it locked at all times it will be a good deterrent from people swimming when no one is there to watch, but be aware that it’s not foolproof, and again, when you do authorize pool use – the fence will not be a safety advantage with kids running in and out of the pool area.


#3- Teach Your Children How to Swim

Teaching your children to swim as early as possible is one of the best methods of drowning prevention (although it’s certainly not infallible). Also, teach them that as fun as it is to swim, water can still be deadly and hurt them. (A little healthy fear in this situation is a good thing.)


#4- Set Rules for the Pool

No diving, running or pushing are the very first rules they should learn. Plus, never, ever should they swim, or even be near the pool alone. Repeat these rules every time you swim so that they get ingrained in everyone’s memory.


#5- Have the Entire Family Learn CPR and Rescue Swimming

Practicing how to provide CPR and also rescue someone who is drowning is a fantastic idea or, if you can’t do it yourself, many public pools provide safety lessons as a free service. Plus, since it’s not ‘coming from mom and dad’, your children will likely listen more attentively.


#6- Wearable Pool Safety Devices

Wearable pool safety devices are another way to prevent unauthorized access to the pool. Using a small (usually cute) device worn on the child’s wrist or forehead and a monitor with a very loud alarm, if a kid falls in the water the alarm will sound immediately. The downside? You need to make sure your kid is wearing the device, and kids tend to often remove it, making it somewhat ineffective. Important note: much like the pool fence or pool cover, these devices can help prevent access, but once the pool is in use – you will need to maintain close supervision.


#7- Install a New, AI-Based Pool Safety System

Today there is a technology that can keep watch over your pool 24/7, is always on and detects the actual motions of drowning to alarm you immediately if and when it’s happening. Coral Manta 3000 from Coral Detection Systems works whether the pool is empty or people are swimming, and alerts both on unauthorized entrance, as well as risk of drowning while using the pool. It even works when your pool robot is the cleaning and won’t set off a false alarm. Plug-and-play, you can install the Coral Manta 3000 yourself and save hundreds of dollars, and it’s all tied right into your smartphone. It’s one of the very best methods to prevent drowning, hands down.



Protecting family, friends and neighbors from drowning is a big responsibility. Using several layers of safety will, without a doubt, makes your pool a safer place. Coral’s 24/7 underwater, AI-based monitoring system adds a layer of safety that never existed before, helps you prevent a tragic accident from happening and give you the peace-of-mind you deserve to fully enjoy your pool.


If you have questions or would like to leave a comment – we’re a click away.