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6 Tips to get your Pool Ready for Swim Season

Be Prepared for Fun and Safety In the Summer Sun

As the cold, dreary days of winter start to fade and the days start getting longer millions of happy homeowners around the US start thinking about summer fun in their backyard pool. If you’re one of those lucky folks that have one, this is the time of year to start thinking about what needs to be done to get your pool ready for summer and the good times ahead. This article will help you do just that. Enjoy!

1-Start Getting your Pool Ready Now instead of Later

OK, so it’s not exactly pool season yet but, rather than wait until the days are hot and sunny, you should start getting your pool ready right now. By doing so you’ll discover any small problems your pool might have developed over the winter, prevent algae blooms and put together a stockpile of the products you’ll need to keep it clean once you do start using it every day. Turning on the filter will also get it ready for summer or, if there’s a problem, alert you to it so that you can get the problem fixed now instead of when the days are hot as blazes.

2- Clean Your Pool Cover before Putting it Away for Summer

Many pool owners make the mistake of tossing their pool cover in the garage or shed without cleaning it first (and letting it dry completely). Come fall, however, when your cover is covered with gross mold and algae, you’ll wish you had. Use a pressure washer to get it really clean and then let it dry in the sun for a day or 3. Trust us, you’ll be much happier when you put it back on later in the year.

3- Shock Your Pool

Although it seems counterintuitive to shock your pool before it’s even been used it’s actually a good idea and will prepare the water and stabilize it for the fun days to come. Since it’s a non-stabilized oxidizer it’s best to shock your pool at the end of the day as the sun’s UV rays will deplete pool shock products very quickly. Run the filter when you do to distribute the shock product evenly.

4- Check and Clean All Filters and Skimmers

You’d be surprised how many pool owners don’t do this simple but important task. Clogged filters and full skimmers will put a lot of strain on your pool’s filtration system. Cleaning them out and making sure water can pass through easily is not only a good idea it can save you thousands of dollars that you’ll have to pay if your filtration system gets overtaxed and subsequently fails.

5- Make Sure The Pool Area is Safe and Secure

During the winter months, many things can change around your pool. Branches fall, nails pull up in wood decks, liners can pull away, etc, etc. Take a few minutes to thoroughly check everything around the pool to make sure that nothing has been damaged or poses a hazard to family and friends.

6- Check your Pool’s Safety Systems

These days it’s not good enough to simply have a fence or even video cameras around your pool. A drowning event can happen in a matter of seconds, so having an AI-controlled, 24/7 system that detects when someone enters the water, and keeps everyone safe while the pool is in use, is truly your best option. The Coral Drowning Detection System does that, providing the highest level of pool safety to prevent pool catastrophes and keep everyone safe this summer season.


We hope you enjoyed these pool preparation tips and that they answered your questions about getting the pool ready for summer. If you need advice or want to learn more about the Coral Drowning Detection system – we’re a click away. Happy summer everyone!