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5 Top Tips for Installing a Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

A swimming pool in your backyard is every homeowner’s dream. If you’re planning to have a pool constructed in your backyard, there are a few things you need to know before construction begins so that you, your family and friends will enjoy your new pool safely. Below are some of the Top 5 Tips for home pool construction.


Tip #1 – Have your backyard professionally tested to make sure it’s suitable to support a pool

Because pools are so large and weigh so much, it’s best to have your soil checked to make sure that, once construction begins, there won’t be anything stopping the pool company from their work (or destroying your pool down the road). Some soil factors that could cause a problem include;

  • A high water table, which could increase construction costs significantly.
  • Inaccessibility for large earth-moving machinery
  • Unknown objects below the surface, including garbage
  • Sandy or rocky soil which could cause your pool to sag or become badly tilted
  • Gas, electric, cable and water lines under the ground


Tip #2- Locate your pool in the best spot for visual attractiveness

Here’s a funny thing; most people look at their pool more than they actually use it. With that in mind, where you install the pool becomes an important factor. Speaking with an architect about the best location for your pool is thus a good idea.


Tip #3 – Make sure the shape of the pool fits the style of your home

Architecture is a funny thing. If you put in a certain shape of pool that doesn’t fit the style of your home, it could look awkward and, when it’s time to sell, be a stumbling block instead of a benefit. Your best bet is to look at several styles and shapes of pools before you decide on the one you want and, if you can, have an architect give you some advice beforehand as well.


Tip #4 – Choose features that make your pool easy to maintain and energy-efficient

There’s nothing worse than going for a dip in the pool on a hot summer day only to discover its turned green from algae. Getting a massive electric bill is no fun either, so make sure to ask your pool company about the latest advances in technology, like variable speed pumps, stronger skimmers, substantial filtration and saltwater chlorinators, all of which will make maintenance a breeze and keep your electric bill lower.


Tip #5 – Be sure to install a 24/7 pool safety system

Here’s a scary fact; more children die in pools every year than in auto accidents. To make sure this never happens, to your child, a friend’s child or even an incapacitated adult, installing a 24/7 drowning detection system is vital. One of the best in the industry is the Drowning Detection System from a company named Coral.

Unlike a system that only prevents access to the pool like a fence or a net, the Coral Drowning Detection system is an AI-based pool safety system that detects when someone is at risk of drowning and alerts you immediately. In fact, with Coral, there’s no human action needed, so it is not prone to human distraction-based accidents like forgetting to lock the gate, cover the pool or reactivate the pool alarm. This 1 Tip might be the most important on the list, for obvious reasons.

In conclusion, to keep your dream of owning your own pool from becoming a nightmare, follow these Tips and do your due diligence before the backhoe starts digging. When you and your family are relaxing and soaking up the sun in your new pool you’ll be very glad you did.