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Is Coral Manta Right for My Pool?

Coral Manta is designed to work in a variety of pools, however, its effectiveness can be limited by several factors which you should take into consideration before ordering. These include the following:

  • Pool shape
  • Pool size
  • Water clarity
  • Lighting

Pool Shape

Coral Manta requires a direct line-of-sight to the whole pool, and has a maximum view angle of 90°. Some pools may not have a single vantage point providing such a view. In these cases, Coral Manta can still function, but with restricted coverage. Refer to the diagram below for examples of pool shapes and the extent to which Coral can function.

Pool Size

Coral was designed and tested to work well in pools of up to 10 yards long. Depending on water clarity, it can be effective for larger pools with up to 15 yards of total length.

Water Clarity

Water clarity is crucial for Coral’s operation. If it looks cloudy from the outside then it is surely too cloudy for Coral to operate at a satisfactory level. Furthermore, while the pool water may look clear from the outside, it may still be cloudy. The real test would be to get inside the water and using goggles, looking across the pool from one end to the other. If you cannot see the other end, then Coral may not see it either.

The good news is that a well-maintained pool (pumps and filters operating daily) should have clear water. Typically, a pool that is maintained just with chlorine tablets will not have the water clarity level needed.


Coral requires a copious amount of direct sunlight in order to charge its battery using the built-in solar panels.

You can still use it when there is not enough direct sunlight by plugging it into an electric outlet using the cable provided. Furthermore, you can charge it, and then unplug it for a full day of use. This is useful to avoid people tripping on the wire when walking around the pool.

Another option when not enough lighting is available is to dig a narrow trench to sink the cable into the ground.

Coral requires some light to “see” people in the pool, and while there are provisions for night operation using the built-in lighting, these should not be relied upon for full-day operation as they will deplete the battery at an increased rate.


Coral Manta can be used for both above-ground and underground pools. The product ships with a base for anchoring the pool device to the ground. For above-ground devices, please contact us for more installation options.