The CORAL System gives you the PEACE OF MIND you need when owning a private pool... Its software and camera constantly are watching and analyzing your pool underwater

The CORAL unique system and design (US patent pending # 62/287,165) and sophisticated software constantly monitors the pool with its built-in underwater video camera and whenever it identifies a near drowning event it generates an alarm. Simultaneously and just in case you are not around, it is sending alerts to all household members via their smart-phones / tablets

Unlike other pool safety means, you do not need to worry about forgetting to activate or deactivate, covering or uncovering, locking or unlocking anything - It simply is working non-stop....

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Easy Installation
The CORAL is a small device easily installed in any standard in-ground or above-ground private pools.

It does not required any "professional" installation - Simply secure it at the pool edge. Then, you can also pair it with your smart phones

Note: CORAL is not intended to replace adult supervision but rather to complement it

(*) Pre-Ordering is subject to the terms set forth in the CORAL Indiegogo crowd funding campaign

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